Crusie Ship Shake-Up

A security camera catches the scene in a cruise ship dining room as the ship hits some bad weather:
(If you don't have time for the whole video watch the first 2 minutes and then skip to 5 minute mark and watch for another minute)

Bonus: a cruise ship almost tips over in bad weather

What Is Consciousness?: Stuart Hamerhoff and Deepak Chopra Video Discussion

In a previous blog post, I referenced a quote by Stuart Hameroff about the nature of consciousness. In the following video, Hameroff and Deepak Chopra discuss this topic in greater detail.

An important point is that consciousness does not arise at a certain level of complexity but is embedded into the very fabric of the universe itself. This point of view can help us realize the oneness we share with the world around us. (As differentiated entities in nature, some are more complex than others, some are more aware than others, but none are "better" than others; that would be like saying an organism is better than a cell).

Another important point is that humaness (i.e. consciousness) cannot be reduced to simple bio-chemical processes in the brain. Consciousness is not just a product of neurons in our brain acting as on-off switches, which, at a certain point of complexity create consciousness. (As a side note: the de-humanizing effect of this view point in the world of technology is the topic of a good book by Jaron Lanier called You Are Not a Gadget.)

Here's the video:

Ultimate Frisbee: An Amazing Catch


I used to play quite a bit of ultimate frisbee; especially in University. The sport unfortunately doesn't get the respect it deserves when it's played at a high level. This highlight real catch,however, made it onto ESPN and seems to have earned some props from the announcer:

P.S. - sorry about the stupid add at the beginning of the vid

Here's a you tube version without the commentary

"Gasland" The Documentary

In recent months, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has brought our attention to the extreme hazards and true costs of oil and gas exploration. Until I watched the documentary "Gasland" however, the scope and obscenity of the problem hadn't really registered. "Gasland" is a synopsis of the natural gas boom since 2005 when Dick Cheiney and the Bush administration fast tracked legislation that made oil companies such as Haliburton and Encana exempt from government regulations such as the clean water act. The clean water exemption in particular is shocking because the process used to extract the gas (called "fracing") involves injecting a carcinogenic cocktail of chemicals into the earth where it then seeps into the groundwater.

At this point your inner-self might be saying "blah-blah-blah...I've heard this all before... big oil with ties to government pollutes the environment... same old story". It's easy to become desensitized and that is why I implore you to watch "Gasland". Images of (previously clean) tap water literally being lit on fire offer the requisite documentary shock value but it is the documentary's over-arching (and overwhelming) warning that hits home: the current deregulated exploration and extraction of natural gas is systematically poisoning and destroying the groundwater supply in the continental United States.

I think it is important that this movie get viewed by as many people as possible and I am therefor linking to the torrent site ( here ) so you can download it and watch it.

If you do download it, I would suggest going to the movie's web page and making a donation.

I don't think the trailer does the movie justice but check it out anyways: