Gogol Bordello - Playing Free Show in Whislter for Telus Ski and Snowboard Festival


Gogol Bordello supposedly put on one of the best live shows you will ever see. They are playing in Bellingham on April 22 and then doing a free live show the next day in Whistler on April 23. I think I'll try and hit both shows. (Check out their "Artist's Statement" below the video)

Gogol Bordello Artist Statement

Gogol Bordello’s task is to provoke audience out of post-modern aesthetic swamp onto a neo-optimistic communal movement towards new sources of authentic energy.

With acts of music, theatre, chaos and sorcery Gogol Bordello confronts the jaded and irony-diseased. Our treatment of the traditional material is free with us, but is not irony-driven and thus real. Our theatre is chaotic and spontaneous and because of that is alarming and response provoking.

From where we stand it is clear that World’s cultures contain material for endless art possibilities and new mind-stretching combinations, raw joy and survival energy. We chose to work with Gypsy, Cabaret and punk traditions. It’s what we know and feel. And so many more are possible that can make the beloved statement of post-modernism “everything is been done” sound as an intellectual error.

The troubadours of neo-authentic are comin as a trans-global Art syndicate family that has never been witnessed before. PARTY!

- Hutz and GB

Redemption: A Telephone Company Get's a Taste of It's Own Incompetence

In honor of some recent difficulties I've had with Telus customer service (and, ridiculously, it's been troubles actually trying to sign up for service) I bring you this video. It's prank on Belgium's telecom service called Mobistar that makes fun of their much documented terrible customer service. I think anyone with automated call experience can relate to this. Apparently, this elaborate prank was a major hit in Belgium.

Amazing Wing Suit Base Jumping Video

I've posted another video on wing suit base jumping (here) but the video below is the best I've seen. The progression that is happening with these suits is amazing; especially considering that making a mistake in this sport is not an option. I have no doubt that someone will eventually land one of these things without a parachute.

Watch carefully for base jumper at the beginning: