I Don't know Where I Am

Mountains from airplane

I don't know where I am.

24 Hours ago I was watching a movie at the comfortable 5th avenue theater in Vancouver. Now i am in a strange hotel room somewhere close to San Jose, Costa Rica. If I had to make a 911 call (assuming there was a phone in my room, which there is not) I would have no idea where to send the police... nada... no clue whatsoever.

Room at Hotel

I am oddly calm though. My $30 room is spartan but clean and feels safe. Early tomorrow I fly to Nosara to settle into the condo I rented for the next month. Tomorrow afternoon, I should be surfing.

As a side note, the movie I saw last night was "The Drifter", a soul searching, travel surf movie. It was appropriate to see the night before I left but I am not really searching for anything on my journey. I've done that trip before and know there is nothing to find.


I've heard about The Drifter. It looks like a good movie. I'm glad you had a safe flight to Costa Rica. I can't wait to see photos of your ballin' condo!

Yup, it's kind of a documentary on Rob Machado and his solo journey in Indo. Except he's not really solo because there is obviously a film crew following him... so there is a bit of a disconnect there. Still, it's a cool movie.