Skiing on Waves or Surfing with Skis - A Video About Pushing Boundaries

It's still early days for this sport; the skis look budget and the skill set isn't there; but you can definitely see the potential in what these guys are trying to do.

This is obviously going to be a pretty specialized sport with the jet ski requirement but, with a paddle, it could become more popular (like stand up paddle surfboards are now). There looks to be good potential with the kite surfing/ skiing too.

Sport can progress quickly... mountain biking didn't really get going until the late 1980's and look at it now at the: red bull rampage

Amazing Wing Suit Base Jumping Video

I've posted another video on wing suit base jumping (here) but the video below is the best I've seen. The progression that is happening with these suits is amazing; especially considering that making a mistake in this sport is not an option. I have no doubt that someone will eventually land one of these things without a parachute.

Watch carefully for base jumper at the beginning:

Redemption: A Telephone Company Get's a Taste of It's Own Incompetence

In honor of some recent difficulties I've had with Telus customer service (and, ridiculously, it's been troubles actually trying to sign up for service) I bring you this video. It's prank on Belgium's telecom service called Mobistar that makes fun of their much documented terrible customer service. I think anyone with automated call experience can relate to this. Apparently, this elaborate prank was a major hit in Belgium.