Patrick Rizzo - Downhill Skateboarding

One of the greatest things about traveling is the people you meet. During my last couple of days in Costa Rica, I got to meet and hang out with this guy named Patrick Rizzo. Patrick, myself, and two other friends had a great night over dinner, some drinks, and a few rounds of cards (asshole, to be specific). Over the course of our conversations Patrick mentioned he was into downhill skateboarding. That point faded into a myriad of other conversation topics (including the always popular "facebook: good or evil"). At the end of the night, just before Patrick left, and basically in passing, he told me to check out an online video of him.

I checked out the video the next day and was blown away:

Canadian Mischo Eban Demolishes The Downhill Skateboarding World Record

A while back I posted this video of Patrick Rizzo downhill skateboarding. That video gives such a great point of view experience of what it's like to fly down a hill at un-godly speeds while standing on a board that's a few inches above the pavement.

Today, I came across the video below of a good o'le Canadian boy demolishing the previous downhill skateboarding speed record. 27-year old Mischo Erban, who lives in Vernon, BC, hit 130.08 km per hour (almost 81 miles per hour) powered only by gravity at a secret location in Colorado.

What blows me away about this video is how calm he looks while riding an inch away from serious personal damage:

Skateboarding Progression: Bob Burnquist Fakie to Fakie 900

Evolution seems to be the rasion d'etre of the entire cosmos. That idea is reflected in a lot of individual adventure sports; progression for both for the sport as a whole and the individuals who practice that sport is what it's all about.

In skateboarding, I still think a "simple" rail slide is a crazy trick, but now any top level skateboarder will throw in some kind of kick flip combo on the way onto and off of the rail. It's on the mega-ramps, though, that the sport is really progressing in new ways: