Costa Rica

A Few Pics From the First Few Days at Playa Guiones / Nosara

Small plane landing

I'm not one to fear any type of flying but this bumpy flight in a very small plane from San Jose, CR put a little sweat on my brow. The girl beside me almost ripped her hand rest out and two of the other passengers almost puked

Some kind of Costa Rican Bird
I don't know what kind of bird this is but they are pretty common here in Guiones
Playa Guiones
This is Guiones Beach
Playa Guiones
The town of Guiones is nestled into this jungle. Nothing is allowed to be built within 200 yards of the beach which makes great sense.
Swimming pool at Casa Del Sol
The swimming pool at my condo


Guiones Howler Monkeys

These guys are hard to photograph. They don't show their faces much; I just happened to walk by at the right time and happened to have my camera.

Guiones Howler Monkeys

You can see the little baby's eyes peeking out

Guiones Howler Monkeys
Guiones Howler Monkeys
Guiones Howler Monkeys
Guiones Howler Monkeys

An opposable tale tail would be useful; I wonder why we evolved away from them?

Nicoya Peninsula - Rental Car Day O' Fun

The Jimmy - rental car in Nicoya

Tim and "The Jimmy", our truck rental.


Alex, Tim, Mike - friends from the Boston area who are staying in the same condo complex as I am.

Me posing with an Imperial, the local beer

This was an amazing little bay.

This poor Pelican was not well; it probably died not long after this shot.

Another one of the bay.

We went snorkeling.

Alex, ready for her first snorkeling experience.

Tim and Alex

Mike, chilling and working on his sunburn.

We met some locals.

This was a local kid ripping the little surf break out side the bay.

Waterproof cameras are fun.

This doesn't look that pretty but it was, perhaps, the best ceviche I've ever had. I think it cost $4.00.

The little "soda" (restaurant) with the great ceviche.

Cows in a culvert.

Me on another empty beach called Marbella... good surf, gorgeous setting, probably a good place to buy property if you're looking for an investment.

Another view of Marbella.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but this bull was seriously pissed at our rental car. It charged us a couple of times and we were concerned that our $800.00 car insurance deductible was in jeopardy.

Tim and Alex at the end of the day at Lagarta Lodge.


Obviously this was a prime picture spot. Me, working it for the camera

This is the sunset from the sunset bar at Lagarta Lodge. If you're ever in the Nosara area, you have to check this place out; the view is unbelievable.

And what day in Costa Rica would be complete without a few wildlife shots.

It's called a patience bug.