Al Jazeera: Great Journalism

If you don't have the Al Jazeera phone app yet, I highly recommend it. For the past few days, as I've prepared and eaten my breakfast, I've propped up my Iphone and watched the live feed of the Al Jazeera English news service. The quality of the feed is almost HD but, more importantly, the quality of the journalism exceeds anything I've seen on cable, including the BBC.

Watching the Al Jazeera news feed has reminded me that "news", even if the story comes from the other side of the world, is usually something more important and more relevant to me than whether or not some actress has decided to adopt a baby, got cheated on, or lost ten pounds.

Just before I was posted this, I randomly came across this image comparing the landing pages of CNN and Al Jazeera. I think it helps underscore my point:

Al Jazeera vrs CNN