Pictures from Panama - Part 3 of 3

Searching for Surf Breaks

Searching for Surf Breaks

Christmas Ham

The "Christmas Ham" a few days after Christmas....perhaps the most delicious processed meet I've ever eaten.

Pizza Muffins

Pizza Muffins : what you get when you accidently use twice as much dough as is required. Still tasty though.

Mystery Fish

We though we had caught a type of Tuna but ended up calling this a "Roast Beef Fish

Robb and the Roastbeef fish

Robb and the Roastbeef fish.

Seagull in Flight

The Seagull was very interested in our fish


"I want it... I neeeeeed it."

Seagull eating fish


Beautiful Red Sunset

Just another Sunset.

Beautiful Red Sunset

And another sunset.


My silhouette.

Roast beef fish

Roast beef fish!!! See, it looks like roast beef right? It was kind of disgusting.

Captain Hugh

Captain Hugh

Dolphins off the Bow

Dolphins! They were playing off the bow.


They are such cool animals.

Girl in a Hammock

Little girl all tuckered out.

Hugh in a hammock

Little Hugh all tuckered out.

Fine Coconuts

Yup, looks like a coconut.

Steve with coconuts

But can you juggle them?

juggling coconuts

Not really.

Hugh, Robb, Steve, Rob

Hugh, Myself, Steve, Rob discussing very important things.

Liz's Eye

Art Shot! (or just an accidental shot?)


Liz on the stern of Khulula

Steve with Rental Car

The end of my trip in Santa Catalina... Steve and Liz drove my to Santiago where I got a 5 hour bus back to Panama City.

Bridge of The Americas

Driving back to Panama City over the Bridge of Americas; full circle.

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