Pictures from Panama - Part 2 of 3

Cloud - 
The Fist of God

The Fist Of God.

Another Sunset

Another sunset.


Pelicans! (At this point, I put the stupid date marker on my pictures by accident; it's annoying.)

Another empty white sand beach.

And another empty white sand beach... a good place for a day of leisure.


Hugh, sporting his spear-fishing yellow speedos (aka banana hammock) putting on a show for the beach goers.

spear fishing

Apparently them speedos work. Parrot fish for dinner.

Parrot fish for dinner

Parrot fish is actually quite tasty but it's a bitch to clean; the scales are like armor plates.

Sting Ray - What killed Steve Irwin

It's hard to see, but this is a big o'le sting ray. This is what killed Steve Irwin (the Crocodile hunter) when his chest got pierced by the sting ray's long, barbed, tail-spike.

Sting Ray Eyes

Look me in the eyes.

Snail on Beach

Art Shot!

Fishing - Cleaning our Kill

Cleaning our kill.

Las Perlas Archipeligo

The bay where we'd spend Christmas eve and Christmas day.

Dead Igauna

Some enterprising locals.

Iguana for sale

Hey mister, you want to buy an iguana?

Tow Surfing

No surf nearby so we made our own.



Tammy tow surfing

Tammy rockin' it.

Hugh tow surfing

Hugh's turn. That's Cameron who I'll talk about in a second.

A True Yacht

We met the hired captain of this yacht and his friends; the owner was back in the states so we got to go over a play for Christmas Eve.

Over dinner, Hugh and Cameron, the captain, talked about how they had both sailed in Tahiti and how they had both met Liz Clark. Hugh had long ago sent Tammy this inspirational story that had been posted on Liz Clark's website.

It turns out that the author of the story; the story that had so moved both Hugh and Tammy; was none other than the man sharing Christmas eve dinner with us on the only other boat we had seen for days in some random bay 90 miles off the coast of Panama. Needless to say, it was kind of a moment; Cameron was really stoked that his story had been enjoyed so much. We ended up having a great night with lots of wine involved; it was a Christmas Eve I won't soon forget.

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa:

Pumping the bilge

Pumping the bilge. Where the water came from is still a mystery.

Hidden Village - Las Perlas Archipeligo

A hidden village; I wish we had time to check it out.


The yacht that Cameron worked on and Khulula; the only boats in a beautiful spot.


Another shot of the bay.



Palm tree coconut seeds

So that's how palm trees reproduce...the seed's in the coconut.

Las Perlas Archipeligo Sunset

Leaving to do our overnight passage from the Las Perlas Archipeligo to the North end of the Gulf of Panama. It looks like we're in for calm sailing all night... we were wrong. I'll write another post about that passage (my first open water, overnight sailing experience) soon.

Anvil shaped cloud

See how innocent that little anvil shaped cloud on the horizon wasn't.

Anvil shaped cloud system

Essentially we sailed right up against a big, lightning filled, low pressure system. The low pressure was sucking wind from the high pressure over the Gulf of Panama resulting in 25 to 30 knot winds, wind swell, and a much more eventful sail than we had anticipated. I got soaked a couple of times from swell breaking over the boat.

Tammy and Hugh

Tammy and Hugh in their life preservers (which get harnessed to the boat so you don't fall overboard). This was probably at about 2am in the middle of howling winds and decent sized wind swell in the open ocean.

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