Pictures from Panama - Part 1 of 3

Hugh With Bodyboard

Hugh and Tammy picked me up in Panama City. Hugh really wanted to carry my bodyboards.

Panama City Skyline

The view of the Panama city sky-line from our anchorage.

Captain Hugh

Hugh in his sweet, sweet Comex shirt

Pirate Ship


Bridge of the Americas - Pacific Entrance to the Panama Canal

Bridge of the Americas - Pacific Entrance to the Panama Canal

Anchorage at Los Perlas Archipeligo

Our first anchorage at Las Perlas Archipeligo.... just one of thousands of beautiful, empty, tropical, white sand beaches. One of the Survivor seasons was filmed in the Las Perlas Archipeligo.

Tammy Snorkeling

We went snorkeling.

Hugh Doing Research

Hugh did some research for the Ocean Gybe Expedition

Plastic Pellets

These plastic pellets are what Hugh is collecting. What's crazy is that they are not broken down plastic... they are raw material used to make plastic products. Somehow, they are leaking into the environment and carrying toxins all the way up the food chain. Besides spillage, one theory is that factories are blowing millions of these pellets up their smoke stacks to try and clean them out...brutal!

Hugh collects samples (unfortunately they're found on even the most remote beaches) and sends them to a researcher in Japan who is trying to trace where they are coming from.

Hugh Collecting Pellets

More pellet collecting.

Sitka Surfboards

Sitka Surfboards, a BC based surf company, helped sponsor the oceangybe expedition by ponying up free surfboards and clothing.

Isla Casya

This is a small village on the small Isla Casya.

Main Street - Isla Casya

Hugh and Tammy peruse Main street in the downtown district. Where can I get a Venti, vanilla soy, double shot, no foam, extra hot, half-cafe, latte around here?

Beer Can Christmas Tree

Christmas was in the air.

Isla Casya- village woman

A villager going about her day.

A fine cock

A fine cock.

Hugh With Bodyboard

No really, it's a very nice cock.

The not so trusty dingy

Hugh and Tammy about to launch the not so trusty dinghy. I think Hugh was trying to repair this thing every two or three days.

Hugh on our deserted Island

Hugh on our deserted Island.

Deserted Island Contemplation

Deserted Island Contemplation

Contemplation Interrupted

Contemplation interrupted... stupid broken plastic chair.

Tammy on the reef

Tammy on the reef.

Me on the reef

Me on the reef.

Puffer fish

Puffer fish (aka: Fugu).

Puffer Fish II

Puffer fish II. Who knew a fish could be so cute?

Rubber Fish

We ended up calling this a "rubber" fish after I speared and cooked one (it was like eating rubber). The weird thing about spearing fish without a fish guide is that you're not quite sure what it'll taste like and you're just kind of hoping that it's not going to poison you.

Art shot - Anchor

Art Shot!

Tammy and Hugh

Tammy and Hugh

Tammy and Spear Gun

Tammy and the spear gun. Watch out seagulls!

Back Chilling on Khulula

Back chilling on Khulula after another successful day of leisure. I wish this picture could convey how quiet and peaceful it was... no other boats or people in sight...the only sound was water rippling when the odd fish would jump.

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robb loves the cock

I guess I kinda set myself up for a comment like that. It is a very nice rooster though.

Big Robb... Nice work down there on the ocean gybe. Looking forward to parts 2 and 3!

- Tim